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At M and M Tires, you get the highest quality used tires at greatly discounted prices compared to buying new. Free installation on all orders. Buying used tires helps to save the environment. Recycling tires helps to reduce landfill waste. We also carry a huge selection of new tires. We can help you measure your tire tread to decide when it’s time for new tires. We also have information on tire types, tire rotation schedules, and signs your tires need replacement.


M and M Tires flat tire repair services are the best in the business. When tire damage strikes, come to our shop in Long Beach Ca, the tire repair shop you can trust. Flat tire repair, Tire patches and more. A correctly done flat repair that follows the multi-step repair procedures will take approximately 30 minutes and probably cost around $30. Driving on an improperly repaired tire is dangerous because it can further damage the tire and/or allow its strength to deteriorate over time.


Wheel balancing, or tire balancing, is the process of equalizing the weight of the combined tire and wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly. Wheel balancing requires the weight of the wheel and tire to be balanced evenly around the axle. You may need to have your tires balanced if you experience vibration in your steering wheel or shaking and swaying while driving. At M and M Tires we always ensure that every little detail that entails your road safety is attended to.


Buy Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) wheels at M and M Tires. For over 10 years we have been providing guaranteed wheels and rims to customers across the United States At M and M Tires in Long Beach, Ca, we offer a complete line of new and used factory steel and aluminum wheels for current / late model cars, pickups and SUVs at our Wichita KS area location. M and M Tires is the fastest growing new and used tires and wheels marketplace. Come in Today!

Who are we?

M and M Tires is a family owned and operated business, my name is Miguel Santana and I started M and M Tires with my dad whose name is also Miguel Santana so that’s why we named it M and M Tires. I am actually 20 years old but I’ve been in the business since I was 15, I worked for a family friend all throughout high school until I realized I could be doing this on my own and create a bright future for myself.

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Discover our finely curated collection of New and Used commercial truck Tires that are competitively priced. We will match any neighborhood prices at great services and exceptional craftsmanship. We are a one stop shop service for all your commercial truck tire services.




Here at M and M Tires we do not stop looking for ways to help the community which is why now we’re introducing roadside service for customers around our shop. Our shop is slowly growing which is great for our community because it makes it easier to help you. Our roadside service is still small because we are just starting with it but if you find yourself nearby give us a call and we can figure out a way to get you back on the road safe and secure. 

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