Tire Maintenance.


Tire maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your car to keep running smooth. I know I know a lot of people are asking “How much maintenance can you do for a tire?” Well I’m here to give you a few tips on how to do it. The most important thing is air pressure, without the air in the tires the ride will be horrible and you won’t make it far, always remember to give your air pressure a check once every month or every other month just to be on the safe side. It will literally take no work except for the drive down to M and M Tires; we make sure to put the correct air to ensure you have the smoothest most comfortable ride possible.

Now I bet you’re thinking “I’m sure there’s nothing else I can do for my tires.” Well that would be a short thing to write about so of course there’s more, for instance tire rotation can save you a few hundred dollars. Always remember that you’re front tires always go through more work because that’s where all your steering is, where compared to the back tires all they do is spin straight. Not rotating the tires causes the front tires to wear it a lot more and then you need to buy a new pair a lot sooner than needed. Remember we make it easy; all you need to do is bring us your car.

If you ever feel a little unsure about whether or not you need new tires, or if you were quoted on new tires and feel you need a second opinion don’t be afraid to give us a call we might just be able to save you some money. We do offer free tire inspections and our guarantee that we won’t try to sell you tires if you don’t need them. The last thing on my list would be flat repairs, this need to be done IMMEDIATELY. If you decide to run the tire flat you will damage the inner wall and make the tire a hazard. This will literally cost you less than 20 dollars with us, compared to buying a new tire I would say it’s a great deal. Well that’s today’s tire lesson hope I helped.